We are very excited to have finally released Ellipsis for Android. Get your copy now!

What’s in the new Android version:

  • 135 unique levels
  • Tactile feedback using the vibration engine (absolutely unique to Android)
  • Achievements and Leaderboards, discover all the hidden secrets.
  • Special launch discount - $2.99/€2.99 (25% off regular price)

Award-Winning Ellipsis

We’re also excited to announce that Ellipsis won Best Indie Game at the recent MomoCon 2016. We’re now officially an “award-winning” game, I can’t believe it! And an actual quote from the judges: “we the judges feel that Ellipsis is just about the perfect iPad game”. Check out the pictures and the award ceremony here.

Thank You For Your Support

We really appreciate your support, we’ve worked hard to create a good game and players really seem to enjoy it. Please help us spread the word: