After two long years, our game Ellipsis is finally available on the app store.

We are quite relieved, a bit exhausted and happy with how the game turned out. It finally meets the quality we originally hoped to reach. If you are curious what the final game looks like, just check out our official launch trailer.

Thank You For Your Support

A lot of people have playtested our game and gave us incredibly valuable feedback and encouragements. A really big thank you to all of you, the game wouldn’t be nearly as polished without you!

We have launched the game at $2.99/€2.99 (instead of the regular price $4.99/€4.99). Note: this discount will only last for a few days!

More importantly, we hope you will support us by writing a review and sharing the game with your friends and family:

Word-of-mouth recommendations will be key to our success.

Please check out the game and leave a review if you can. Thank you for making this game a success!!

Early Press Coverage

We were lucky enough to be featured in an extended interview with the notable YouTuber GameBits. It was a fascinating discussion on Ellipsis and its design process. Here’s a round-up of the initial coverage of Ellipsis:

What’s Next?

We are still working hard on Ellipsis, improving the game and bringing it to other platforms:

  • Android version is scheduled for release in April/May.
  • Apple TV version is also in the works
  • New content, extra hard levels and a lot of tweaks and improvements.

We really hope that Ellipsis will accompany us for a long time in the future.